our prices

all KUERV furniture is designed and made in europe with 'as-sustainable-as-possible' materials 😇 - we care about the climate and environment and our prices reflect that


price composition (b2b)

material & production (41%)

  • materials (european roasted wood - european aluminium - eventually prime coating for exterior use)
  • packing
  • sustainable treatment of waste

labour (25%)

  • working hours (designing the furniture, briefings, programming cnc, workholding, cnc wood working, checking the elements, packing, sending)
  • machine hours - depreciation and maintenance of machines (cnc, computers, etc...)
  • social security (schools, health care, pension, etc...)
  • local taxes (+/- 25% on benefits)
  • other social costs
  • rental of working space (rent and maintenance)

overhead (13%)

  • electricity / heating / water
  • transport of the materials to the workshop
  • several insurances
  • accountancy
  • prospecting, advertising, internet, phone, mobility, office, etc...


transport is not free of charge

we can ship where you are in europe - therefor we count on a company with a good european network for delivery

and yes - you can make your own transporter pick up the goods !