KÜRV is a brand of abantu projects

we make original sustainable outdoor furniture - mostly beautiful 😅 in aluminium and roasted wood

all furniture is own design and we work with local family owned companies that have a proven quality record for work, service and delivery

  • high quality sustainable product
  • transparency about prices and origin of materials
  • close customer service
  • 2 years guarantee
  • more than 15 years of happiness

our company details

abantu projects scomm

rue célestin hastir 6 - box 3

5150 floreffe

vat BE 0771 862 553
this is also the belgian company registration number

the team ? it s easy : this is a very small and sympathetic company 😁

jo van hove is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor - don t look for a big production site - kuerv wants to stay small and fast - and human - our clients are our friends

that said

don t copy us - but let s get known and big together !

i would love to start up local hubs in several countries or regions and make you produce, sell and ship localy - if you re interested in using our designs to start up a local business ?  just send me a message !